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‘Vaccines need to be available for whole’ of Sefton, MP says

‘Vaccines need to be available for whole’ of Sefton, MP says

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

MP Bill Esterson wants more Covid-19 vaccines delivered to Sefton after residents from Formby, Highton and Crosby were not invited for the first dose of the jab.

According to the MP, Sefton had just two boxes of the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine – with just 975 doses in each box – supplied in mid-December.

These were administered to a limited number of vulnerable residents over four days at sites in Maghull and Southport.

However, residents of Formby, Hightown and Crosby were not invited for vaccination at that stage due to a lack of supply of the vaccine.

There have been no further deliveries of the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine, with the next ‘vaccination site’ due to open this Friday (January 8) at Ainsdale Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Meanwhile, more than half a million doses of the new Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are now available after the first people received the jab on Monday (January 4).

Bill Esterson MP has supported calls for more control to be given to local health teams in the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, as he urged the government to ensure vulnerable constituents in Formby, Crosby and Hightown received their jabs “as soon as possible”.

Many constituents have contacted Sefton Central MP Mr Esterson frustrated at a lack of information about when they and their elderly relatives might receive the vaccine. 

Mr Esterson said: “Understandably people are anxious about when they or their loved ones will receive the vaccine. They see on the news that one million people have had the vaccine in the UK, however they have heard nothing.

“They see that Maghull and Southport have vaccination sites, whereas Formby and Crosby do not. It has led to a lot of confusion and anger that some communities seem to be getting priority over others. But the main problem is the supply of the vaccine – there have just not been enough, quickly enough. One million across the UK sounds like a lot but this has equated to just two boxes – fewer than 2,000 doses – being supplied for Sefton.

“There have been no further vaccines here in Sefton since then, however from January 8 residents of Formby will begin to be invited for a vaccine at Ainsdale Health and Wellbeing Centre. But even then only 1,375 vaccines will be delivered at that stage. The government must be clearer with the public about this slow supply of vaccines and give more power to local health teams to put in place plans to deliver the vaccine.”

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