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Care packages to be offered to most vulnerable

Care packages to be offered to most vulnerable

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

The elderly and people living in vulnerable situations in the North West are being given extra support to stay warm and well during the winter months.


The Cadent Foundation has granted £40,000 to Groundwork, to create 2,700 winter warmer packs for those most in need. The packs will be distributed via local food banks and community hubs in towns and cities across the UK, including Liverpool.


Each pack contains a range of items to help people keep warm this winter such as socks, gloves, hat, scarf, hot water bottle, blanket, thermal flask mug and energy saving lightbulbs.


Graham Duxbury, National Chief Executive of Groundwork, said: “Around 4 million people in the UK are in fuel poverty, unable to afford to live in a warm, dry home. During the cold winter months, people are expected to use 30% more energy on average than they normally would. With more people at home, increased utility costs and unemployment rising due to the financial impact of the pandemic, more families will be experiencing extreme financial hardship as well as the emotional strain of keeping themselves and their loved ones well.


“Fuel poverty is also a major factor in our ability to cope with disease. Living in a dangerously cold home increases the risk of heart attacks, respiratory illness, pneumonia and affects mental health, which means finding cost effective ways of keeping people warm is essential. Small changes can have a big impact and these winter warmer packs – backed up by practical advice from our Green Doctors - will help some of the most vulnerable in our society keep warm and well during the cold weather.”


Julia Dwyer, Director of the Cadent Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer this grant to Groundwork to provide practical support to those who need it most. Many vulnerable households are facing even bleaker challenges as we head into winter and it’s reassuring to know these packs will help make a real difference at such a difficult time of year.


“This grant is just the first stage in a wider partnership between the Cadent Foundation and Groundwork, which will see the charity’s Green Doctor programme rolled out in numerous locations across the UK in 2021.”


More information on eligibility and when grant funding is available can be found at www.cadentfoundation.com

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