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Student praised for school exams petition

Student praised for school exams petition

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

A student from Maghull has been praised for his efforts after he started a petition to have GCSE and A level exams in England cancelled due to the disruption of Covid-19.


Alex D’Arcy, 16, a student at Merchant Taylor’s School, started the petition in the summer last year after becoming concerned that after pupils had missed so much schooling between March and July, that any examinations taking place in 2021 could not be fair.


It has now been confirmed that exams have been scrapped for this summer.


Bill Esterson MP said: “Following the Prime Minister’s statement I want to take the opportunity to pay a special tribute to my 16-year-old constituent Alex Darcy who started a petition back in August to have GCSE and A level exams in England cancelled due to the disruption of Covid-19.


"Alex who lives around the corner from me felt that because of the lack of taught hours in the classroom from the 23 March to the end of the summer term last year, he didn’t see how it was possible for fellow young people to sit their forthcoming A level or GCSE exams as they wouldn’t be fully prepared for them.


"The petition has attracted over 200,000 signatures and was debated in the House of Commons on the 7 December. It goes without saying that Alex deserves massive credit for what he has achieved, not only for standing up for the interests of other young people but for clearly influencing and changing government policy on this issue.


"The Prime Minister has belatedly made the right decision on this but the onus is on the government to ensure that children and young people receive the necessary provisions in place so they can fully engage via remote learning as we all know a day missed from school can have a serious impact on their education and development and ultimately their future life chances especially children and young people from poorer backgrounds. The government must publish it’s alternative plans for qualifications including for BTECS which are due to be sat this week.”

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