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Care home becomes first in Sefton to get Pfizer vaccine

Care home becomes first in Sefton to get Pfizer vaccine

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

A care home in Maghull became the first in Sefton to have the Pfizer vaccine on New Year’s Eve.

On Thursday 31st December, Damfield Gardens Care Home, owned and operated by Highpoint Care, became the first care home in the borough to have the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19.

A spokesperson said: “It was truly splendid seeing our residents, who’ve been put through so much without often even understanding the situation fully, and our staff, who have had to work in a tireless and determined manner, with much uplifted spirits. It was a joyous, almost celebratory, day that hopefully marks the beginning of the end in what has been an incredibly difficult past year for all involved in the social care sector in Britain.”

One of the residents, Pauline Eales, said: “Personally I’ve always been in favour of science rather than politics, I hope the majority can follow suit in having the vaccine to get us all back to normal as soon as possible. I had a heavy arm and an upset stomach the day after the first inoculation, but I am looking forward to the second so it’s all over and done with!”



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