Couple reunited in care home after nearly a year apart

Couple reunited in care home after nearly a year apart

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

A 96-year-old woman from a care home in Mawdesley was reunited with her husband after nearly a year apart due to coronavirus…after he decided to move in with her!


Geoff Fawdry, 94, couldn’t spend another day without holding his 96-year-old wife, Mim, after the couple decided to stay apart due to the risk of spreading the virus, so he took drastic measures and moved into Stocks Hall care home to live with her over the festive period.


The couple, who have been married for 74 years, had been reduced to window visits during the past 11 months but were finally able to hold each other.


What made it even more special was that staff kept it a secret for Mim and you can watch her reaction after staff captured their reunion on camera. You can see the video here:


A spokesperson for the home said: “There wasn't a dry eye in the home! Mim had no idea that Geoff had moved in as it was kept as a special surprise for her after he had isolated for two weeks prior, but it was like they had never been apart. That's what 74 years of marriage does for you!


“It was an extremely heart-warming and such a beautiful moment to witness. Their daughter and son in law were at the window to also see the couple reunited.


“We need to give a big thank you to all the staff on Willow Unit at the home for making it extra special for both Mim and Geoff.”

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