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Couple with coronavirus claim too many people are travelling to Lydiate

Couple with coronavirus claim too many people are travelling to Lydiate

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

A married couple from Lydiate who caught coronavirus claim there are too many people travelling into the village from outside areas, despite lockdown restrictions.

Stephen and Julie-Anne Kirkpatrick, aged 58 and 55, live near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and they told the Champion of their concerns over “people descending into Lydiate from outside areas.”

Although there is no way to tell how the couple got Covid-19, they believe the virus could be spreading by large numbers of people travelling to certain hotpots in Sefton, including the canal in Lydiate.

Government guidelines state that people are allowed to leave the house for exercise, but you must not travel outside your “local area”.

Stephen said: “Our concern is the amount of people descending into Lydiate from outside the area, mainly weekends, when there are a large number of cars parked along Bells Lane.

“There are lots of walkers with backpacks and maps which proves to me they are not local. Social distancing is non existent as the towpath is less than a metre wide in parts.

“There are also large groups having picnics with no chance of social distancing. We have walked this stretch for over 20 years with our dogs and it’s never been so busy.

“The amount of discarded facemarks along the towpath is disgusting and extremely worrying and my dog in the last week has picked up many and chewed them.

“My wife and i have both got coronavirus and we are really unwell and have had to give the dog to our daughter to look after.

“There needs to be something done about this as government guidelines states you must stay in your local area to exercise.

“The influx of people into Lydiate is worrying and they have no regard for public safety at this worrying time.”

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