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Baby ballet group offers free online classes

Baby ballet group offers free online classes

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

Pre-school dance specialist ‘babyballet’ has launched free online educational dance lessons for every child under the age of six in the UK during the latest lockdown.

The idea is already proving popular with parents and carers, schools and education providers, with more than 5,500 signing up for the themed, weekday sessions in the first 24 hours alone.

Jennifer Berrett, is owner of babyballet Southport, Formby & Crosby, which is a part of the global babyballet family with classes across the UK. She said: “The 10 minute sessions aim to provide a resource, in line with national learning objectives, for nursery practitioners and teachers, as well as parents and carers who are home schooling.

“Each week will cover a different theme such as ‘animal adventure’ and ‘celebrating people who help’. There will be a 10 minute activity session at 10am every weekday for the next eight weeks, as well as a boogie time, a sing-along and a story time at different times during the week.

“We are also offering a live 20 minute weekly classes to all those who are registered for our classes here in Southport, Formby & Crosby, Via Facebook Live. This has been such a great way to engage with our local families, and has helped us all stay happy and dancing!”

Claire O’Connor, CEO of babyballet, explained: “We are doing this because we want to help. Over the past 15 years, babyballet has created classes, resources and content, which up until now have only been enjoyed by children attending our classes, but due to the challenge of the situation we find ourselves in, it is time to share it for free to help keep the nation's young children active, having fun and learning through lockdown.

“We have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to help the nation as much as we possibly can by sharing these resources with every child in the UK via parents and carers, nurseries, pre-schools and schools.”

Along with the online sessions there will be resources including fun activities and colouring sheets as well as an information sheet to explain the learning objectives covered each week.

To sign up for the free sessions visit: https://babyballet.co.uk/free-lockdown-programme-registration/

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