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Charity CEO reveals 'devastating' impact of lockdown

Charity CEO reveals 'devastating' impact of lockdown

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

The CEO of Age Concern Central Lancashire has warned of the “devastating” impact which the Covid-19 pandemic is having on charities.

The warning comes as the charity has again been forced to close all of its retail outlets – resulting in a loss, to date, of 50% of its retail income.

And the charity predicts that by the end of this financial year, (end of March 2021)  it will have lost more than half a million pounds with income levels across the entire charity being affected.

Suzanne Carr, CEO, has spoken out about her fears for the future of the charity if more help is not forthcoming for the sector.

The closures of the seven charity shops has resulted in losses totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds during the pandemic.

Suzanne said: “Our shops are a vital resource and are projected to provide around a third of our annual income within the next financial year.

“This is vital income which directly translates into essential services for the most needy and most vulnerable people across our county.

“The situation which we find ourselves in is just not sustainable in the medium-term and poses a real threat to the vital services which we are delivering.

“We want people to understand the situation we are now facing in our 40th year as we desperately want to ensure we can continue to deliver and continue to support our most vulnerable for at least the next 40 years!

“We are a self-sufficient local charity, supporting local people. Any income which we receive from the public sector is put directly back into society in the form of contracts which we are delivering to support those most in need.”

For further information about Age Concern Central Lancashire, visit: https://www.ageisjustanumber.org.uk/

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