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Care home residents enjoy sensory art therapy

Care home residents enjoy sensory art therapy

by Tom Martin (January 2021)

Residents of Birkdale Tower Lodge care home have been enjoying sensory art therapy to inspire creativity and relaxation.

Staff were delighted to showcase the drawings of local artist, ‘Drawn by Rachael’, the granddaughter of one of their very proud residents.

Residents admired and took inspiration from all her pieces before having a go at some creative colouring themselves.

The weekly Sensory Art Therapy activity hopes to provide residents with the opportunity to express themselves through a range of artistic mediums that help improve communication and cognitive function while reducing stress.

Not only is Birkdale Tower Lodge aiming to nurture residents' creativity, but they are hoping to form a calming and peaceful atmosphere by incorporating sensory music.

Music is a powerful tool that provides many benefits to all, including alleviating anxiety and inspiring reminiscence of joyous memories. One resident commented on the music stating, “It takes me back to reading books at the beach."  

The Lodge hopes that these sessions will provide a serene and peaceful environment for residents to come together to imagine, create and share their stories.


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