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Flooded subways need a 'permanent solution'

Flooded subways need a 'permanent solution'

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

MP Rosie Cooper has renewed her calls for a “permanent solution” to the repeated flooding of subways in Skelmersdale.  

At Prime Minister’s Questions this week, the West Lancashire MP challenged the government to work with Lancashire County Council to finally solve the ongoing problem.

The Prime Minister responded to confirm that he is aware of the issue and that he will work with the council to ‘sort it out’, adding that they have the funds available and they will make sure it is done.

The Champion has reported in the past how local residents were fed up of flooding at the Tanhouse Road subway. They claim it frequently left it unpassable and forced pedestrians - including parents walking children to Holland Moor School - to walk in the road because there is no pavement.

MP Cooper said: “Preventing these subways from flooding is essential for so many of my constituents in Skelmersdale. The town has very poor public transport and one of the lowest levels of vehicle ownership so the subways are often the only means of getting to doctors, schools, shops or visiting their loved ones. 

“The council have repeatedly rejected my request for real investment in the infrastructure to resolve this permanently. This level of neglect for Skelmersdale’s essential infrastructure has left residents feeling like they are an island of forgotten people. 

“I am delighted that the Prime Minister has given such a firm commitment to funding a lasting solution to this longstanding issue. I will be writing to both the Prime Minister and Lancashire County Council to ask they keep me fully informed of the situation as it progresses.” 

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