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Campaining mum welcomes new law on tyres

Campaining mum welcomes new law on tyres

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

The mum of a teenager from Maghull who died along with two others in the tragic Bestival festival coach crash has welcomed new legislation on old tyres.

A new law banning old tyres from lorries, buses and coaches came into force this week and Frances Molloy, the mum of Michael, campaigned to get this result.

Michael, 18, was killed when the coach he was travelling in crashed on the way back to Liverpool from a music festival in 2012.

Colin Daulby, who was the coach driver, and Kerry Ogden, 23, also died in the crash and an inquest found it was caused by a tyre which was 20 years old.

The blow-out, on the front nearside tyre, made the coach veer to the left, mount the embankment, crash through a fence and into a tree just before midnight on 10 September.

The coach, which was operated by Merseypride Travel, was full of friends who had left Merseyside for the festival five days earlier.

Frances posted online after the law change came into place: “For my beautiful Michael who I desperately yearn to hold every single day. For Kerry Ogden and Colin Daulby. We did it! To all of you who made it happen thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Construction and Use Regulations will not allow tyres which are more than 10 years old to be used on the front steered axles of lorries, buses, coaches or for all single wheels fitted to a minibus.

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