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Care home residents enjoy in-house supermarket!

Care home residents enjoy in-house supermarket!

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Residents at a local care home, who are missing the experience of going to the supermarket, were treated to a much-needed shop without leaving their home!

This week at Stocks Hall Mawdesley, the WISH Activity Team created an immersive experience for all those living at the home by creating their own in-house Morrisons.

With strict measures put in place to keep those living in care homes safe, the residents were missing their much-loved trips out for a little retail therapy. So, staff at the home brought the experience to them!

The WISH Activity Team ensured that all the items in the shop were essentials that the residents had requested and would usually go out to buy.

The shop also had an adjoining cafe which many enjoyed a coffee and a cake. But the cherry of the top was the working till to make the experience the most authentic! The manager Faye Cooper said that the experience was a great success for all those living at the home.

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