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Teddy bears keeping spirits high for children!

Teddy bears keeping spirits high for children!

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Children from a primary school in Skelmersdale have been given specially made teddy bears to keep up their spirits during lockdown.

Staff from Crow Orchard decided they wanted to do something special for all their pupils this week, which included those still coming into the classrooms as well as those who are home learning.

They currently have 51 children in school who are either vulnerable or have parents who are critical workers.

A spokesperson said: “From our Zoom teaching sessions, we knew that the home learners (including mums and dads) were feeling very down and were missing school. So, we began to work on the idea where every child would receive a teddy bear with the school logo on the front and their name on the back.

“By doing this we felt the whole school community would be brought together, as we are still all learning together. With the help of Nikki at Bubble Craft Gifts a local supplier, and very kind donations from The Endowed School Trustees, Mr and Mrs Ainsley (Mrs Heath’s Mum and Dad) and Mr Albert Hedges (Miss Hedges’ Dad) the plan came to fruition.

“On Monday 8th February the school learners came into school to find 130 teddies sitting in assembly! They were then allowed to go and find their own teddy and take it into their bubble.

“The school staff then embarked on hand delivering a surprise teddy to every child who is working from home. This was a very special day for everyone at Crow Orchard, who brought a bit of sunshine to our families during tricky times.”

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