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DJ to release new remix track

DJ to release new remix track

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

A DJ and producer from Skelmersdale isn’t letting lockdown get in the way of his work as he releases new music. 

Kyle Johannessen, 23, has remixed ‘Katja Glieson - I Would Kill’, which will be released on February 26 on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all other major stores.

Katja Glieson is an Australian-German recording artist from Melbourne with a huge following, especially on TikTok with a following of more than ten million.

Kyle said: “I was born and raised in Skelmersdale and I've been brought up around music and have always had a passion for it.

“I have performed DJ sets in Ormksirk, Liverpool, London and Spain. I read the crowd and make my sets as creative as possible, there is no fun in just pressing play! I was going to be performing at the Amsterdam Spring Break Festival & had sets lined up elsewhere but unfortunately, COVID-19 arrived. 

“There is no feeling like performing in front of a crowd, that's when I'm at my happiest, I will be doing it forever. 

“During 2020 I changed my production style and I started focusing on expanding my knowledge on music theory, adding chords to my productions and ended up producing a remix of Katja Glieson - I Would Kill, after two months of back and forth with Katjas management, I was finally given the go-ahead to release my remix.

“I have a very determined nature and will carry on doing what I love and I will see what happens.”

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