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Review started of 'Action on Climate Emergency' plan

Review started of 'Action on Climate Emergency' plan

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

West Lancashire Borough councillors are looking into reviewing 'Action on Climate Emergency' which will also encompass 'Exploring how we use our green spaces to support sustainable wildlife habitats'.  

The Council’s Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee has recently agreed, as part of its Work Programme for 2021/22, to undertake a review entitled ‘Action on Climate Emergency'.

This decision was taken after Committee Members asked the public to submit topic suggestions for consideration for inclusion in their work programme for 2021/22. Through its work the Committee will bring forward appropriate recommendations to Cabinet and Council which can influence future decisions on policy and important decisions the Council may make.

The Committee as part of its work programme will consider 'Review of public conveniences' and 'Consideration of increasing provision of parking spaces across the Borough on Council-owned or Lancashire County Council land'.

Councillor Carl Coughlan, Chair of the Corporate Environmental Overview Scrutiny Committee, said: "We would like to thank everyone who submitted their ideas.  We have chosen these topics as part of our programme because we feel they are a high priority and affect many people in our communities. We are looking forward to working on these topics and reporting back on our findings."

Some of the Topics that were submitted include the 'Review of Council run CCTV System', 'Digital Divide', 'Maintenance of planting and grass verges in town and village centres and parks',  'National Planning Review', 'To consider refurbishing public benches on Mart Lane, by Tesco on Station Approach and to consider refurbishing public litter bins around the village of Burscough and consider adding further bins in public places' also various issues raised by Parbold Parish Council including Weeding, Culvert maintenance, flooding, littering, dog fouling and planning enforcement'.

These matters will be referred to the relevant Service and Portfolio Holder to address.

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