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New faces at Hesketh Bank Community Centre

New faces at Hesketh Bank Community Centre

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Hesketh Bank Community Centre has announced a change in Trustees.  

Steve Kirby, Chairman said: “Following our success in raising the funds to rebuild our Back Hall, which is now underway, we recognise that we need different expertise to help with the future challenges we face, not least those presented by COVID-19.  This has coincided with two of our Trustees, Sue and Mike Ellis, deciding to move away from the area.” 

Sue has stepped down as a Trustee and Mike will remain until the building project is complete.  He continued, “As a result, we are very pleased to welcome Gill Simpson and Peter Ralphs to the team, and welcome back Terry Baldwin.”

Gill Simpson, 71, who has lived in Hesketh Bank for over 40 years is retired from the education sector and will be taking on a secretarial role to free up Tony and Diane Earles, who will focus more on the day to day running of the hall once it reopens.

Peter Ralphs, 76, has vast experience in running businesses, was Chief Executive of Liverpool and Southern Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and has also been a Trustee of the David Lewis Association (founder of Lewis’s Stores Ltd) since 1997.  He will support Steve and Vice Chair, Bill Hall, with more strategic developments and the centre’s responsibilities as a charity.

Terry Baldwin, 73, and his late wife, Maureen, previously ran the Community Centre but stood down when she took ill.  Steve said, “Terry has always supported and championed our cause and it is lovely to welcome him back to continue where he left off.” 

Steve concluded, “We are very sad to see Sue and Mike leave, but want to take this opportunity to thank them for everything that they have done.  They have been an absolute force for good for Hesketh Bank Community Centre and we certainly wouldn’t have achieved what we have without their talent and commitment.  The new team will continue your work and honour the amazing legacy we have in the new hall.” 


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