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Climate group lobby metro mayor candidates

Climate group lobby metro mayor candidates

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Liverpool Friends of the Earth, along with a coalition of groups from across the city region, is asking Metro mayor candidates to commit to using the important resources and influence they have to make sure their regions are as climate and nature friendly as possible. 

As the UK government tries to steer the country through the coronavirus crisis, there is an opportunity to forge a better, greener and fairer future. We need a plan that centres on climate and that can change everyone’s lives for the better and Mayors are well placed to do this. 

Don Naylor, of Liverpool Friends of the Earth, said: “We are at a crossroad and we can take the right direction for people and nature. The old normal was bad for people and bad for the planet so we can now set a new path. We’ve got an amazing opportunity to make a society that’s fairer, an economy that works for everyone, and an environment that’s healthy. But only if metro mayors do the right thing, and candidates commit now to prioritising action on the climate and nature emergencies.

“We need to be sure that city region development and investment decisions made today are going to help us cut planet-wrecking carbon emissions.

“In Liverpool City Region the next Metro mayor needs to prioritise getting the operation of the Port of Liverpool to zero carbon as soon as possible, with a sustainable solution to the movement of freight instead of defaulting to road building. Mayoral candidates should also advocate for international progress on climate. This would include halting imports of industrial scale biomass coming through the Port." 

Eddy Taylor, from Merseyside Cycling Campaign, said: "Merseyside Cycling Campaign want cycling and other forms of active travel to be safer, easier and more pleasant. This would lead to a real change in how people get around the region, with environmental, health, economic and social benefits for everyone. More cycling would lead to improved air quality, reduced CO2 emissions and increased activity which would tackle travel poverty and allow our streets to be more social spaces.  

“We've seen some recent temporary infrastructure going in but we are now at a point where action needs to be taken at a larger scale. Real commitments are needed to improve active travel infrastructure including looking at all options to prevent a road through Rimrose Valley." 

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