Friends open dessert shop in Waterloo

Friends open dessert shop in Waterloo

by Tom Martin (February 2021)

Two friends from Crosby have opened their own dessert shop – and invited a special guest to the opening!

Tom Pagano and Ryan Buckley opened Waffle Haus, on St John’s Road, in Waterloo, on 20th February after having the idea during the first lockdown last year.

To mark the special occasion, they had a visit from popular children’s character Peppa Pig, which delighted some local youngsters! 

Tom said: “We had the idea during lockdown last year to open Waffle Haus and we ran with it. We couldn’t be happier with the shop and the feedback we’ve had from our customers so far.

“We have loved bringing a little bit of happiness to these lockdown days and we plan to do more events for the kids going forward. We can’t wait for restrictions to be lifted so that Waffle Haus can really open it’s doors and welcome everybody in.

“St. John’s road is a great location with a real sense of community and we look forward to the future.” 


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