Impressionist Jon Culshaw to take part in live-streamed Armchair Aurora event

Impressionist Jon Culshaw to take part in live-streamed Armchair Aurora event

by Tom Martin (March 2021)

Aerobility, the UK’s leading disabled flying charity, along with Ormskirk impressionist Jon Culshaw and astronomer Pete Lawrence, is gearing up for an evening of live-streamed Armchair Aurora entertainment this Saturday, March 13th at 6pm.

The event is free to attend via and will feature a host of astronomers, scientists, aviators and artists taking viewers on a journey of wonder from their armchairs and into the skies. 

Whilst scanning the skies for live aurora, Jon and Pete will be chatting to scientists, artists and aviators about this amazing natural phenomenon also known as the Northern Lights. Programme highlights include: 

The Workings of the Aurora - what’s behind this beautiful natural phenomenon.A chat with Rod Arnold, Head of Air Unit for the British Antarctic Survey who explains the unique challenges of flying in the Antarctic and why it is different to doing it anywhere else.A live call with British Antarctic Research Station, Rothera, to discuss their Mission, daily operations, recent discoveries, successes and what it’s like to spend the winter there.Jon introduces Kevin McNulty, Demonstrator at Hampstead Observatory to chat about their love of aviation and astronomy and what they’re looking forward to most about coming out of lockdown.Dr Emily Drabek-Maunders talks to Jon about what’s happening at the Greenwich Observatory and shares some fascinating examples from the collection.Nigel Meredith, Space Weather Research Scientist, talks about Polar Radio and making music with Mother Nature describing the natural radio “sounds” of our planet as recorded at Halley Research Station, Antarctica and how they have been combined with original music on a grand piano to create novel ambient soundscapes.

Mike Miller-Smith, CEO Aerobility, said: “As we ready for this truly exciting and entertaining event, wehope that viewers will tune in and support us so that we can continue to provide disabled flying when we come out of lockdown. We will be encouraging donations during the event, whilst anyone wishing to support us now can do so via

Jon Culshaw adds: “Armchair Aurora, promises to be an escape from lockdown for anybody of any age. I encourage everyone to join us for this fascinating event. As an astronomy enthusiast, I for one can’t wait!”

Pete Lawrence adds: “What a great idea to bring the magic of the Aurora in to living-rooms across the country. I’m so pleased to be involved and to support such a great cause at the same time.

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