Community group marks a year of delivering free lunches to residents

Community group marks a year of delivering free lunches to residents

by Tom Martin (March 2021)

Marine in the Community (MITC) has marked a year of delivering free lunches to the local residents of Crosby.

When the pandemic began last year, the group wanted to do their best to support vulnerable and older residents in the local area. 

Community Director Graeme Gardiner said: “Not only do we provide a free substantial lunch, but also quizzes and local information from Sefton CVS. Though more importantly a knock on the door and the knowledge someone is out there to say hello. 

“MITC have delivered over 2,700 free lunches up to date, and have been thankful to Radfield Homecare, Spoilt for Choice, Merchant Taylor's Boys School and it's many volunteers including David Fairclough and Jamie Carragher, Liverpool FC legends. A special thanks is to Colin Mitchel who has not missed a week of deliveries.

“When the second wave hit, MITC have gone a step further to support the community introducing free zoom training to the elderly and isolated. This has now led to online free fitness classes, yoga and mindfulness sessions and a weekly lunchtime quiz. All in all, Marine have continued to support the residents of Crosby who have been shielding throughout this pandemic and are proud to continue to offer their support during these difficult times.”

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