Town’s flooding defences will be strengthened, residents are told

Town’s flooding defences will be strengthened, residents are told

by Tom Martin (March 2021)

Sefton Council, the Environment Agency and United Utilities have signed a joint statement of intent to reassure Maghull communities that they are continuing to work together to explore solutions to reduce the risk of flooding.

The statement strengthens the collaborative approach already undertaken to manage and reduce flood risk, further prompted by weather events in January.

All three organisations have sought to manage the risks through a range of means to date including routine maintenance, capital investments, improvements to warning and informing residents as well as planning control. Alongside the statement of intent, a new flood risk working group will also be established with representation from all three agencies. 

Over the past decade due to a combination of severe weather events and instances occurring from rivers, sewers and surface water, significant issues have been reported not just in Maghull, but across Sefton.

Andy Brown, Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Manager for Lancashire, said:  “Alongside our partners we have already taken a number of steps to reduce the risk of flooding across Sefton such as routine maintenance activity, investment in flood defences and improvements to our warning and informing service.”

“We are committed to joining up further and feel that a working group, with input from all risk management authorities, is a good way forward. Together, we can better identify all possible actions, large or small, to reduce flood risk and we hope this will help to reassure local communities.”

Jo Harrison, Director of Environment, Planning and Innovation at United Utilities, added:  “We continue to invest in the sewer network across Sefton, including work in Maghull, involving a £4 million project in the Rock View area to help reduce the risk of sewer flooding, which is nearing completion.”

“However, storm flooding is a complex issue with no simple answer. The drainage network includes pumping stations, culverts, watercourses, sewers and highway drains all operating and interacting together but under the responsibility of different agencies.”

“Collaboration is key and we remain absolutely committed to working with the Lead Local Flood Authority (Sefton Council) and the Environment Agency to ensure issues are investigated thoroughly and measures are put in place to minimise the risk of flooding, to help protect the community.”

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