Runners to take on extreme challenge for £50k fundraiser

Runners to take on extreme challenge for £50k fundraiser

by Tom Martin (March 2021)

Two local runners will take on an extreme fitness challenge to help raise £50,000 to refurbish the running track in Rimrose Valley Country Park. 

John Carragher, the brother of Reds legend Jamie Carragher, will be joined by Michael Powell when they will attempt to run four miles, every four hours for seven days  - a total of 168 miles - with the event starting on Friday 23rd April at 8pm and finishing at 4pm on Friday 30th April. 

The £50,000 will be spent on a full restoration of the running surface, installation of floodlights and pavilion with changing rooms and car parking.

John and Michael are both members of The Marsh Lane Harriers, which is a community running club based in north Liverpool that has grown exponentially during the pandemic with many people finding a love for running to help with improved mental health.

Now the club has plans to continue the restoration of the Chaffers running track  - which began last year - by raising significant funds with the goal to create a fantastic community hub for health, fitness and wellbeing.

John’s brother, former Liverpool footballer Jamie Carragher and another past Red, Stephen Warnock, who is also a member of the Marsh Lane Harriers, will join them for parts of the challenge.

All current Covid guidelines will be followed during the event with the support runners list growing in the coming weeks. 

John Carragher said: “We have ambitions to raise a substantial amount of money to restore the running track. Powelly and I are going to do everything we can to give this fantastic cause the greatest exposure we can do.

“It’s going to be a tough one and a tiring one but I’m sure it’ll be totally worth it. It is clear to us that the track is more than just a running track, it has become a centre in the community for people battling through mental health issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The team will have a series of routes through Liverpool that they will run throughout the local area during the week and will be looking for people and businesses to offer support and cheer them on as they pass by.

Michael Powell said: “ Last year we carried out extensive work to restore the overgrown running surface to a usable condition with great help from the local community and the response was phenomenal.  We can see the track becoming even more important this summer as the lockdown restrictions are eased. 

“We want everyone to get behind us and donate whatever they can to really help this community project develop into the vision we know can become a reality.”


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