Animal charity gets new emergency vet room

Animal charity gets new emergency vet room

by Tom Martin (March 2021)

A local animal charity in Sefton has a new emergency vet room, specifically set up to carry out spay and neuters on site. 

The past year of Covid restrictions has meant a huge reduction in the availability of spaying and neutering appointments at vet practices across the whole country and with kitten season fast approaching, Rescue Me decided that something had to be done to deal with their backlog of over 100 animals requiring spaying or neutering

Dr Steph Taylor, founder trustee, said: “Rescue Me is a firm advocate of spaying and neutering both as a way to stop unwanted litters of kittens, puppies and other small animals and of improving the lives and health of cats, dogs and rabbits.

“Covid has meant that spaying and neutering has not been possible for the numbers of animals that we help so creating our emergency vet room on site is a huge step forward in dealing with what could well become a crisis in the spring with the birth of large numbers of unwanted young animals.”

The emergency vet room, which was constructed in a matter of weeks largely by volunteer Keith Taylor, Steph’s father, provides everything needed for the vet to carry out surgery, health checks and provide treatment for any of the 800 or more animals that Rescue Me deals with in an average year.

Trustee Heather Prescott added “We are so grateful to everyone who has made the emergency vet room possible including people who have donated money , equipment and supplies . We have dedicated the room to the memory of Megan Brannigan , our first vet and Gerry Allison one of our wonderful volunteers and we are sure that they both would approve of what we are achieving by having this new facility on site.”

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