Rapist from Litherland breached sex offender licence by flying to Philippines

Rapist from Litherland breached sex offender licence by flying to Philippines

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

A convicted rapist who twice went on foreign holidays without telling the police was put back behind bars. 

James Farquhar, who had been released after a 12 year sentence for repeatedly raping a teenage girl, was required to notify the police if he applied for a passport or went abroad in order to comply with the terms of the Sex Offenders Register.

But Liverpool Crown Court heard today (1st April) that he applied for a passport in November 2019 and the following March he flew to the Philippines for a month’s holiday. 

His offender manager was told about this on his return and inquiries began into his passport acquisition but Farquhar was not interviewed by police until last November - by which time he had also spent a week on the Greek island of Cos two months earlier, said Derek Jones, prosecuting.

A judge today told 62-year-old Farquhar, “This was flagrant disregard of the notification requirements which are designed to manage the risk you pose to the community.”

Judge Garrett Byrne said that in interview Farquhar had “feigned ignorance of the requirements” but he must have breached them in full knowledge that he was breaching them.

Mr Jones said that if the police had had any particular concerns about what he had been doing in the Philippines he would have been arrested sooner.

The defendant,  of Ford Lane, Litherland, pleaded guilty to three offences of breaching the Sex Offender Register requirements and was jailed for nine months.

Farquhar, formerly of Bispham Road, Southport, had been jailed in 2005 for 15 years at Liverpool Crown Court for five offences of rape involving a girl aged between 16 and 20 and was ordered to sign the Register indefinitely. The jail term was reduced on appeal to 12 years.

He received a suspended prison sentence in February 2018 for battery of his ex-partner and staying at her home for longer than seven days without notifying the police.

Matthew O’Neill, defending, said that Farquhar told the police he was not aware he should have notified them about obtaining a passport and going abroad on holiday. He signs the Register annually but had not been aware of those particular conditions.

“It was not deliberate. It was due to a mistaken belief that he did not need to notify the authorities.”

He said that the defendant is in ill health and due for open heart surgery in five months time. He has been in custody for a month after pleading guilty to the offences which has been challenging because of the pandemic and he urged the judge to suspend any prison sentence.

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