Reds fan wants £50k bionic arm so he can hold up his scarf at Anfield

Reds fan wants £50k bionic arm so he can hold up his scarf at Anfield

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

A Liverpool fan from Crosby who has Duchenne Muscular dystrophy wants to raise £50,000 so he can buy a bionic arm and hold a scarf above his head at Anfield.

Adam Kent, 25, is a huge Reds fan and his dream is to hold a scarf high in the air while singing You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Sadly he can’t do this because of his condition, which is life limiting and causes every muscle in the body to gradually waste away.

Along with his brother, Alix, who also has the same condition, the pair rely on assistance during basic tasks such as brushing their teeth or feeding themselves.

Adam wants to raise £50,000 to purcahse an assistive device, called a Jaco robotic arm, which could be life changing in giving him some independence back.

He said: “Unfortunately, this condition is life limiting which is very hard knowing but this doesn’t stop me from wanting to live my life to the fullest possible. My motto in life is I’m not living my life to survive, I'm living my life to live. It is not about the quantity of years I have it's about the quality of how I chose to live.

“An assistive device would have an extraordinary impact and it would change my life and change my lack of independence and would mean I can do tasks such as making my own drink.

“The thought of even being able to do any of these tasks sends shivers down my spine. I’m a massive Liverpool FC fan and when I go to the games a dream of mine is to be able to sit and experience holding my scarf above my head and up in the air while listening and singing You'll Never Walk Alone.

“This song has played a big part in my life, and the Jaco Robotic arm would allow me to no longer dream of that moment, I'd be able to live it for real.

“Any money raised will go to purchasing this specialised equipment, and anything remaining will also help towards purchasing equipment for myself, my brother who also has Duchenne Muscular dystrophy and others that may be in the same situation as myself.”

To donate, visit the website:

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