Skelm Men-Aces coach pens his first children’s book - on his disability

Skelm Men-Aces coach pens his first children’s book - on his disability

by Henry James (April 2021)

THE manager of Skem Men-Aces disability football team, Carl Eaton, has written his first children's book.

The book is called My Gan-Gan’s Pram and Carl describes it as a ‘heart-warming book’ featuring his granddaughter, Harriet Eva, who he calls Curly, and her grandad, Carl - Gan Gan.

He said: “It’s a story of the very special bond between a little girl and her disabled grandad and their wonderful exploits with lots of laughter. Curly loves to visit her Gan-Gan because he has the best toy in the world, Gan-Gan’s pram. Together, with the wheelchair that Curly calls a pram, they have many adventures from sailing the seven seas as pirates, riding on a big red bus, racing against each and speeding downhill as fast as they can!

“One of Curly’s first ever toys was a little yellow duck, called ‘Quack Quack’ that she adored, and on each page of this book, a little Yellow Duck is hiding and it’s the readers job to find where they all are. Look very carefully as they are clever little ducks, and they are very good at staying out of sight.

“Initially, I was going to write about my daily struggles living with a disability as I really do not get on with it at all, despite me giving the impression that I am fine with it but I decided, in the end, to look at disability through the innocence of a child’s eyes as I believe that disability is underrepresented in children's literature.”

Carl was born in 1962 with Spina Bifida. He added: “Thanks to Mum and Dad I've led a very happy and fulfilled life. Although I am a wheelchair user, I've worked all my adult life and I am currently a team leader for a young men’s support service.

“I also founded and manage the most successful and highly decorated disabled football club in the country, the Skem Men-Aces, who back in 2017 were awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services at Buckingham Palace.

“In 2015, I was the recipient of the BBC North West Unsung hero award and in 2017 I was awarded the Freedom of the Borough of West Lancashire.”

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