Top comic book illustrator, Tim, turns his hand to city statues

Top comic book illustrator, Tim, turns his hand to city statues

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

A comic book illustrator from Southport has helped create a new publication about statues in Liverpool to help a local charity.

Tim Quinn, who has worked for Marvel, has teamed up with Liverpool Heartbeat to publish Statues of Liverpool, which is described as anew comic strip magazine featuring local statues.

In a series of exciting illustrations, tour guide Jayne Massey, leader of the FAB 4000, takes the reader on a trip round the city’s statuary landmarks. 

Tim has worked on comics featuring the superhero characters Spider-Man and Iron Man, as well as the Incredible Hulk when he previously worked at Marvel Comics.

He is also familiar to the Champion from when he wrote and designed an illustrated children’s page for all our titles.

To help him with Statues of Liverpool, he called upon the help of six colleagues from Marvel Comics and The Beano.

One of the illustrators, Holly Bushnell, is from Formby.

Other illustrators attached to the project includes Nigel Parkinson, Russ Leach, Lew Stringer, George Sears and Dicky Howett.

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