Plan to roll out new blue wheelie bins put on hold

Plan to roll out new blue wheelie bins put on hold

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

A controversial £400,000 plan to roll out blue recycling bins for glass collection across Sefton has been put on hold by the council.

The local authority has blamed the pandemic for pausing the scheme, which would have seen 100,000  blue wheelie  bins given to residents across the borough so they could separate glass from cardboard.

When the Champion first reported the measure last year, it was met with a largely negative response from readers and local councillors.

The move was then ‘called in’ by some councillors in October last year, forcing the plan to be further debated at a council meeting, but it was still approved.

One of the main complaints was that many households wouldn’t have space for another wheelie bin, and that some residents don’t have that much glass to recycle.

Despite the negative responses, the delayed roll-out of the blue bins has disappointed some residents, including David Simister, who contacted the Champion to say: “I’ve been looking forward to getting my blue wheelie bin and I’ve been saving some glass bottles for when it arrived. I thought it was supposed to come in March but nothing happened.

“I called the council who told me the project has been put on hold. It seemed like a good idea to me and it was environmentally friendly.

“It seems like they marched everyone to the top of the hill only to say it’s been stopped.”

Liberal Democrat opposition leader on Sefton Council, John Pugh, who spoke out against the proposal last year, said: “It is questionable whether an additional bin is needed to boost re-cycling rates.

“Smaller houses and terraces simply have not got the room and may put their glass in to the grey bin and refuse to have blue bins.

“Not everyone copes with the current three  bin rota, let alone a four  bin rota!

“Given the council, will soon be obliged by law also to collect food waste, this seems a rash investment of council taxpayers' money. That’s why I wanted the scheme properly scrutinised last October.”

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