Voters across Sefton set to go to the polls on May 6

Voters across Sefton set to go to the polls on May 6

by Danielle Thompson (April 2021)

VOTERS across Sefton will take to the polls next week to elect their local councillors.

There are 24 seats up for grabs on Thursday, May 6 and they are set to be hotly contested by nine different political parties and independents.

It’s a local election which is a year in the making after the 2020 vote was cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Labour, which has enjoyed control of Sefton Council for the last nine years, is likely to retain its power, but there could be some movement in certain Wards.

The current make-up of the council is 41 Labour councillors; 12 Liberal Democrat councillors; six Conservative councillors and five independents.

The candidates for Southport and Formby are listed below, by Ward, surname first.

Ainsdale Ward

Flynn, Sean (Labour and Co-operative Party)

Rankin, Laurence George (Green Party)

Shaw, Michael James (Conservative)

Thompson, Lynne (Liberal Democrats)


Birkdale Ward

Durkin, Lee Anthony (Conservative Party)

Foulds, Vic (Liberal Democrats)

Frank, Bernhard (Green Party)

Kelly, Sonya Ann (Labour Party)


Cambridge Ward

D’Albuquerque, Sinclair (Conservative Party)

Fox, Carla Jane (Green Party)

Keith, Pat (Liberal Democrats)

Lunn Bates, Laura (Labour)


Dukes Ward

Dawson, Tony (Independent)

Doyle, Robert Michael (Green Party)

Newman, David Ian (Liberal Democrats)

Prendergast, Mike (Conservative)

Spring, Thomas Bailey (Labour Party)


Kew Ward

Barton, Jo (Liberal Democrats)

Corcoran, Jennifer Julie (Labour)

Nuttall, Laura Elizabeth (Conservative)

Weavers, Fred (Green Party)


Harington Ward

Allman, Joanne Elizabeth (Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews)

Brodie, Aimee Louise (Formby Residents Action Group)

Gorski, Annie (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Richards, Carol Ann (Labour Party)

Riley, Joe (Conservative Party)

Walsh, Mike (Green Party)


Meols Ward

Collins, David William (Green Party)

De Freitas, Thomas Andrew (Conservative)

Dodd, John (Liberal Democrats)

Jowett, Stephen James (Labour Party)


Norwood Ward

McIntosh, Dave (Green Party)

Teesdale, Pam (Conservative)

Waterfield, Carran Janet (Labour)

West, Alistair Peter Fleming (Liberal Democrats)


Ravenmeols Ward

Bowen, Paul David (Conservative)

Delves, Lesley (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)

Gibbon, Alison (Green Party)

McCann, Bob (Formby Residents Action Group)

Page, Catie (Labour)

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