Teen saves life of homeless man

Teen saves life of homeless man

by Tom Martin (April 2021)

A teenager from Skelmersdale saved the life of a homeless man who had collapsed in the street.

Bradley Jacobsen, 16, was the only person to stop and help after he saw a man “having something like a fit” on the busy Church Street in Liverpool last Wednesday (April 21).

Despite others walking past, he wanted to help and rushed over to the man before calling 999.

The man then stopped breathing, so Bradley had to start CPR, which is something he has never done before.

Thankfully the man regained consciousness thanks to Bradley’s actions and the paramedics then arrived to take him to hospital.

He said: “I was in Liverpool going to buy some clothes when I saw a homeless man who was having something like a fit.

“I went over to see if he was okay and he was fine for a few minutes then all of a sudden he stopped breathing and closed his eyes so I quickly called 999 and I was told I had to start CPR.

“This is something I have never done before and thankfully he was saved. There were adults just walking past.

“He woke up afterwards, when the paramedics came he had oxygen in his nose. Afterwards, I was just relieved that he was okay.

“This was a very scary experience for me as I am only 16 years old.”

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