Popular singer Asa has a new hit on his hands with his children’s book!

Popular singer Asa has a new hit on his hands with his children’s book!

by Henry James (April 2021)

POPULAR singer Asa Murphy has released his second children’s book after turning to writing during lockdown when his shows had to be cancelled.

Asa, 49, from Maghull, has sung big band swing tunes as well as his self penned songs all over the world and a show which he had written had just opened when lockdown was imposed.

Asa said: “My singing work just disappeared.

“I had written a new show called Irish Annies, which opened at the Epstein at the beginning of March 2020, but had to be put on hold following the lockdown. It was also due to go on tour in America.”

Being unable to perform Asa decided to start writing and his first children’s book, with illustrations by Helen Poole called The Monkey With No Bum and it proved to be a big success and is set to be turned into a musical next summer.

His second book is called The Adventures of Vinegar Jim and is a children’s novel.

Asa added: “It is a story of Jim and his adventures when he discovers a magical mixture of his favourite thing ever vinegar. It is aimed at young readers who are starting on the journey of reading novels.

“There are some illustrations all done by myself.”

The book ends with the promise of more novels to follow in the Adventures of Vinegar Jim.

Asa said: “The release has gone very well with children loving the book and the illustrations

“As with The Monkey with no Bum, which is to be a children’s musical in 2021 in the summer, there are plans to also turn Vinegar Jim into a stage show.

“Plus a donation from every book sold goes to the charity Liverpoolhearbeat.co.uk

“I will be returning to performing this year after lockdown with shows at Grand Central Hall in Liverpool, and a couple of local shows at the MCA club in Maghull on October 29, and on December 3.

“Plus, I will be making continued appearances as a presenter on BBC Radio Merseyside.”

Asa’s new book The Adventures of Vinegar Jim is now available to purchase via the website

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