Tennis club plan for all weather courts

Tennis club plan for all weather courts

by Henry James (May 2021)

AUGHTON Lawn Tennis Club has submitted plans to replace three of its lawned courts with two all weather surface courts.

Officials at Granville Park based club, say its membership, has increased in recent years especially with younger players through a coaching scheme.

The planning application from the club states: “The existing facilities have reached maximum capacity for use.”

It adds that the grass courts are considered to be too small and can only be used at certain times of the year.

They also regularly cannot be used because of bad weather and because the grass surface needs recovery time.

Two sycamore trees are recommended to be removed regardless of the outcome of the application and one holly tree is also suggested for removal as part of the application.

The planning statement adds: “It is felt that the removal of three trees will have minimal negative impact on the character of the area.

“The club proposed to plant four maple trees during the spring of 2021 while this application is being considered.

“The club also propose further tree planting and is club is keen to preserve and maintain the remaining existing trees and include remedial measures detailed in a method statement for their maintenance, as part of this application.”

Four of the eight courts have floodlighting at the moment.

Under the proposals the mini court would have floodlighting as would two new full sized court and the existing number 8 court.

The club states that it hopes the council will recognise the contribution that the club makes and, “will be able to respond favourably to this application.”

The statement adds: “The club has the opportunity to make improvements that will greatly improve the quality of a number of courts and substantially increase the playing capacity.

“The benefits of all weather capability are widely recognised, and are frequently used all year round.”

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