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Do NOT ever punch your own

Do NOT ever punch your own

by Danielle Thompson (May 2021)

ONE of the first rules of the internet – to badly paraphrase  Fight Club  –   is not to punch your own name into Google. Especially if you have a surname that’s shared with quite a few other car nuts. 

As I’m a paid-up subscriber to  Hypocrites Monthly,  I’ve done just that and discovered that there’s an entire car chatroom dedicated to all the mean things that I said in car reviews in the early Eighties, several years before I was born (it turns out that the David Simister that they meant was in fact fellow motoring scribe, and thoroughly nice chap, John Simister).

There’s also another David Simister somewhere in Yorkshire who’s enjoyed several stints as a councillor for UKIP and, for those of you who read this very newspaper’s Southport edition last week, my dad, who apparently is eagerly awaiting his blue wheelie bin.

I’ve been mistaken for all three of them – and I suspect they’re all a bit bored of being asked what they think of Morris Minors, for that matter. 

But in much the same way that there’s more than one David Simister, there’s also more than one mid-sized crossover that runs entirely on electricity.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that just about the only option for the moment is Volkswagen’s ID4, which has just gone on sale and is essentially the higher-riding, roomier cousin of the Golf-sized ID3 hatchback. Yet out of nowhere Kia’s come up with something that looks even better. 

The EV6 is clearly aiming to take a sizeable chomp out of VW’s cake. Both are roughly the same size, both start at a smidgen under £40k, both promise to eke more than 310 miles out of a single charge-up, plus the option to add another 200 should you find a fast charger and a nearby coffee shop to stop at for half an hour.

Both of them give you the zero emissions equivalent of just over 200bhp, delivered to the rear wheels, although Kia is planning on bringing an all-wheel-drive version over here too sometime next summer. 

There’s very little to split them in terms of tech, performance and how far they’ll go before you need to find somewhere,  anywhere  to pull up and plug them in for another hour or two, but I think the Kia, which you can order now ahead of it arriving here in October, edges it for one reason alone; it looks fabulous.

The Korean carmaker’s been on a roll with its styling for a while now, but its latest design chief, Karim Habib, clearly knows how to sculpt a family wagon into something sports car-esque – 12 years ago he did the BMW 7-Series, so he knows his stuff.  Inside, it looks great, too – while Kia’s made a point of trimming the seats in vegan leather, I’m far more excited about the enormous curved panoramic tablet that contains all of the digitised instruments, similar to the one the Honda E uses and on top-of-the-range models, a heads-up display that uses augmented reality to beam the latest traffic info straight into your retinas.  

I can’t wait to find out on UK roads if it’s as good as it looks.  

David Simister is the editor of Classic Car Weekly 

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