Rosa beat boredom in lockdown by writing a novel with her grandad!

Rosa beat boredom in lockdown by writing a novel with her grandad!

by Tom Martin (May 2021)

A YOUNG girl from Maghull and her granddad who lives abroad managed to team up over the lockdown period to write a book together!

Ten-year-old Rosa Parry kept in regular touch with her grandfather, Harlan Cockburn, who lives in Budapest, Hungary using an internet video chatting service and it blossomed into an idea to pen a children’s novel.

The book, called Autumn and the Wild World Web, is how a young girl, called Autumn, struggled with boredom and loneliness during lockdown until she was visited by an urban fox and it sparks an exciting adventure.

Rosa said: “I really enjoyed our calls on Zoom and always thinking about what to do next in the story.

“I got surprised sometimes by the things we came up with because there were twists we made up.

“I love the thought of people reading the book, and it’s for adults too.

“Even people who are seventy could enjoy it.

“My teacher was excited about the book and said she would order a copy for school.

“We have a ‘Proud Wall’ at school and grandad and I got our names on it, and a gold star each. Now I definitely want to write another book!”

Harlan, who writes under the pseudonym Harefield, said: “Rosa and I started chatting on Zoom at a time when she was down about missing school and her friends through lockdown.

“Those feelings are expressed in the opening chapter of Autumn and the Wild World Web.

“I am based in Budapest, Hungary, so throughout the pandemic have been unable to visit my British family.

“We then started discussing what Rosa would like to happen during lockdown, and soon found that we had started telling an adventure story together.

“We allowed our ideas to roam everywhere, and the result is a novel which is not just for ten year olds, but can appeal to anyone who enjoys a heartfelt tale.

“There’s also a strong ecological and nature-loving element to the story, and although the setting is not specified, readers in the Maghull area may recognise some locations!

“Rosa is also the cover artist, and drew a heading illustration for each chapter.

“The book is now available in hardback and paperback versions, from Amazon, with the authors credited as Harefield & Rosa.

“The experience of writing across a sixty-year age gap and at around twelve hundred miles distance was never less than the best of fun!”

Autumn and the Wild World Web is available to buy from

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