Teenager embarks on screen acting debut

Teenager embarks on screen acting debut

by Henry James (May 2021)

A TEENAGER is set to embark on her screen acting debut in a feature film set on the Liverpool home front during the Second World War.

Maricourt pupil Lucy Wareing, 17, plays Maria Cipriani, a principal character in the production, Enemy of The Heart written by Claryn Scott.

More than 600 hopefuls auditioned via self tapes and Zoom earlier in the year, with Lucy being cast as 16 year-old Maria, the daughter of an Italian father (Mattia Paradiso) and Irish mother (Carrie Pearson) living in Liverpool during the outbreak of war.

The principal cast also includes: Julia Ross, Jack O’Connor, Joseph Stanley from Ormskirk, plus Crosby-based Michael Dolan and the film’s creator Claryn Scott.

Enemy of The Heart focusses on an Italian-Irish family whose life is thrown into turmoil when Mussolini joins forces with Hitler to attack the country they’ve come to call home.

Maria’s father Gio Cipriani is taken by police from the family home at midnight, interned as an Enemy Alien and sent aboard the S.S. Arandora Star destined for Canada.

While Mr Cipriani is interned, his eldest son Tomas (Michael Dolan) is serving in the British Expeditionary Force in Dunkirk.

More than 1,600 internees of Italian, German and Austrian heritage were taken from their homes across the UK and interned when Germany and Italy joined the war against France and Britain.

More than 800 male internees, lost their lives when the ship was torpedoed by a German U boat 75 miles north west of Donegal on July 2, 1940, just two days after setting sail from Liverpool.

A memorial on the tragedy currently stands at the city’s Pier Head.

Lucy auditioned while studying for A Levels in Drama, Theatre Studies, English and Sociology with the intention of furthering her acting training at University in September.

Also a gifted vocalist, she has previously played roles in theatre and musical theatre, which include the lead of Mary Poppins and being awarded Maricourt High School Singer of the Year.

On being cast as Maria, Lucy, from Maghull, said: “This is my first acting role in front of a camera and the first screen role I had ever auditioned for.

“I have a huge passion for historical drama and the film is about an aspect of the war I’d never been taught in school. I was really interested to explore the history further.

“Being a teenager myself, I immediately resonated with Maria and I love her vulnerability and the way she allows herself to surrender to her emotions, even when she feels the need to portray a stronger exterior. I loved the inner conflict with this character.

“The hardest aspect for me was realising what the Italian families living in Britain went through during this time.

“I really wanted Maria’s devastation of losing her father to come across on screen and give a truthful and honest portrayal of a young teenager living through such devastating circumstances.”

Enemy of the Heart is currently in the post production process and will be launched onto the international festival circuit from September.

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