Big increase in patient waiting times for NHS treatment at hospital

Big increase in patient waiting times for NHS treatment at hospital

by Henry James (May 2021)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson has called on the government to reverse the sharp increase in NHS treatment waiting times facing people in the borough.

Research undertaken by his office shows that at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 36.5% of people are waiting more than the recommended maximum of 18 weeks for treatment.

Furthermore, there are 49,055 patients waiting to start routine NHS treatment in Aintree Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and only 85.2% of patients are being seen within four hours at A&E despite a national target of 95%.

With five million people now on the waiting list nationally for NHS treatment, Mr Esterson joined other opposition MPs to call for:

• A quarterly plan from ministers on action being taken to bring down waiting lists and to meet national waiting times standards

• A NHS rescue plan to ensure the NHS has the staff and modern equipment to deliver the cancer care, surgery and mental health care patients deserve.

• A commitment to strengthen the NHS constitution to eliminate waits over 52-weeks and offer a cast iron guarantee

• A fair pay rise for NHS staff

Mr Esterson said: “The Government must urgently put forward an NHS rescue plan to restore services for people in Sefton Central and bring waiting lists down. Ignoring the crisis now facing our NHS puts patients’ lives at risk.”

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson responded: “We have backed the NHS at every point in the pandemic, safeguarding urgent treatment such as cancer and emergency care, while protecting the NHS to ensure it was not overwhelmed.

“We now face an unprecedented challenge and will continue to work closely with the NHS to accelerate recovery of services so the public receive the care they need.

“We are giving an extra £7billion for health and care services this year, as well as £1billion to tackle the backlogs that have built up, bringing our total additional Covid-19 investment to £92billion.”

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