MP among politicians to grill Cummings at inquiry

MP among politicians to grill Cummings at inquiry

by Henry James (June 2021)

THE borough’s MP Rosie Cooper was among politicians who grilled former chief adviser to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings, at the recent joint inquiry into lessons learned from the pandemic.

Cummings came before the Health and Social Care and the Science and Technology committees on Wednesday, May 26, and was highly critical of the government’s decision-making during the last year, and in particular slammed the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

Following this, Rosie Cooper MP said: “On the face of it, Dominic Cummings’ statements about the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, are terrifying.

“The families of the over one hundred thousand people that have died with Covid in the UK will undoubtedly be shocked and deeply saddened to hear what was said.

“Staff and the families of those who died in Care Homes will also be angry that their loved ones may have ‘died needlessly’ because of the incompetence claimed by Mr Cummings. Over the next few weeks, I will be watching closely to see what evidence is provided to back up this and any other revelations.”

At the inquiry Ms Cooper asked Cummings a number of questions and they included: “How would you rate the performance of the Department of Health and Social Care and the Secretary of State? Outstanding? Good? Requires improvement? Or, inadequate, and why?”

Mr Cummings answered: “The Secretary of State for Health should have been fired for at least 15 or 20 things, including lying to everybody on multiple occasions, in meeting after meeting in the Cabinet room, and publicly.”

He added: “As I said in my opening statement, I think that there is no doubt that many senior people performed below the standards that the country has a right to expect.

“The Secretary of State for Health is certainly one of those people. I said repeatedly to the Prime Minister that he should be fired, so did the Cabinet Secretary, so did many other senior people.”

Mr Hancock has refuted the claims.

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