Plans to build 3G pitch at Marine FC delayed due to noise concerns

Plans to build 3G pitch at Marine FC delayed due to noise concerns

by Tom Martin (June 2021)

PLANS to build a new 3G pitch at Marine Travel Arena have been delayed after the club failed to get permission from Sefton Council due to concerns over possible noise for nearby residents.

At the most recent Planning Committee meeting on June 2, the local authority deferred the proposal and asked Marine FC officials to submit a noise assessment prior to the application being reconsidered.

It will come as a blow to the Crosby club, who were looking to start work as soon as possible in order to be ready for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

They already have concerns that the pitch won’t be ready in time, and have  agreed a short-term ground share arrangement with Bootle FC to use their pitch at Berry Street Garage Stadium.

In addition to the pitch modernisation, Marine also want to widen the entrance to the car park, create a community garden and remove the existing unsightly metal fencing on the frontage to College Road.

Electric vehicle charging and cycle parking will also be installed with additional disabled parking and two free parking bays.

A press release issues by the club earlier this year states: “There are currently no full size enclosed floodlit 3G pitches in Crosby.

“The new pitch will give that facility to the community, and the club will be linking with our partner community groups for them to use on an affordable basis.

“The benefits in getting people active and improving physical, social and mental health are immense and will be available to all within the community.

“The club appreciates that the stadium is in a residential area and the usage will increase after the installation of the pitch should planning be granted. The majority of users will be community partners (schools, youth teams, etc) who will arrive and leave in organised transport or on foot where possible.

“All users will be requested to keep noise (use of whistles and general noise) to a minimum but the club do recognise that residents in the immediate vicinity of the ground may hear this.

“The club do however feel that the minimal effect of this will be far outweighed by having a fantastic new pitch within a short walk that will be a much needed facility for all.”

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