Author releases first novel - and reveals ideas for more books!

Author releases first novel - and reveals ideas for more books!

by Henry James (June 2021)

AFTER gaining experience making short films, writing screenplays and editing music videos, a Skelmersdale man has now written a novel.

Liam Quane’s first book is called Road to Juneau, and the author now has more ideas for further publications.

The work is published by Beaten Track Publications who stated Liam, “wrote his own novel in a hectic hail of key presses and dicey guesses. This bullheaded effort morphed into what would later be called Road to Juneau. It may be his first book, but he has more ideas for further book-centric ventures.”

Liam, 28, said: “I’m both ecstatic and privileged to be able to have my work released to people around the world while staying in such an off-the-grid town like Skelmersdale.

“It shows how far we have come in terms of good opportunities.”


The book is set in New York ‘two years after the Third World War. Humanity is rebuilding its cities brick by brick, but the damage done to the people, however, is a lot harder to repair.’

The novel features the life of Dan Hardacre. He is an aspiring stage actor and experienced draft-dodger, Dan struggles to find his place within the Utopic rebuild of New York City.

When he’s not caught up with the duties of work, Dan lives a quiet life in mourning for his mother, Dyani, who went missing when he was a teenager.
One night, Dan experiences a vivid, terrifying nightmare that puts him right on the front lines of the war for which he dodged the draft.

It ends with him facing Death itself in the form of a metallic, faceless humanoid creature that calls itself the Valkyrie.

To investigate the reason behind his haunting experience, Dan seeks out a meeting with his estranged father, who reveals the startling truth about Dan’s dream: it wasn’t a dream.
With this newfound knowledge and the powers it brings, Dan makes it his mission to return to the scene of his nightmare.

However, he soon comes to know that confronting the Valkyrie not only endangers him but the war-withstanding world he leaves behind.

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