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Southport woman faces 'Russian roulette' as rules ease

Southport woman faces 'Russian roulette' as rules ease

by Danielle Thompson (July 2021)

A CLINICALLY vulnerable Southport resident has claimed that she will be ‘playing Russian roulette’ with her safety when pandemic restrictions are eased in England.

Rosemary Parker's treatment for pancreatic cancer led to her spleen and part of her pancreas being removed and she also has chronic asthma. She said vulnerable people like her had been abandoned by the government.

The 59-year-old told the BBC that she was ‘waiting for my X-ray spectacles so I know who has been vaccinated.’

The latest government guidance, which has advised those most at risk from Covid-19 to avoid others who are unvaccinated, continue meeting outside where possible and ask friends and family to take lateral flow tests before visiting once all remaining restrictions are eased on Monday.

It is estimated about 3.7million people would need to follow the advice, including people with certain cancers and those with severe respiratory conditions.

Ms Parker said the guidance was "what I was expecting" and amounted to "complete abandonment like they have done to us before".

She said: “They put the fear of God in you and say you are extreme risk and now it's just 'there you go, see you, you're on your own now. Every time we go out the door now, we are playing Russian roulette, and it's not just us, anyone can catch it.”

Despite having two vaccines, she will now return to shielding.

The government has previously said if it was to wait any longer than 19 July, the risk of a peak in infections in the summer wave could be pushed to the autumn, which could make things worse with increased impact of flu and other viruses circulating.


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