Repeated flooding at school must finally be resolved, urges MP

Repeated flooding at school must finally be resolved, urges MP

by Henry James (July 2021)

THE repeated flooding of Town Green Primary School in Aughton needs to finally be resolved, according to Rosie Cooper MP, who has called on Lancashire County Council to take immediate action.

This comes after the school had to again take precautionary measures when recent heavy rain led to water breaching three classrooms.

The council has responded by saying they are looking to carry out drainage works to “further alleviate the problem.”

The school has long struggled with significant flooding issues that have consistently forced the closure of the classrooms, sometimes for days at a time.

Earlier this year, At Prime Minister’s Questions, Ms Cooper urged Boris Johnson to intervene to prevent the pupils of Town Green Primary from losing any more of their education due to flooding.

Ms Cooper MP said: “It is simply unacceptable that the pupils and teachers at Town Green Primary School still must live with the constant threat of heavy rain disrupting their lessons.

“The council had previously set out possible ways to resolve this issue but appear to have only taken the most basic steps so far.

“The problem is caused by a culvert that runs underneath the school field, in times of heavy rain the culvert breaches and water floods onto the field and flows into the school!

“Rather than fully investigating the culvert to repair or replace it, the council instead have simply asked the neighbouring properties to check their section of the culvert is clear and is not impeding the flow of water.

“This is clearly not a solution but allows the council to sit back and hope the issue goes away without spending a penny of their budget.

“This is not a matter for half measures! Where children’s education is at risk, I expect the council to do more than what appears to be the bare minimum!”

A spokesperson for Lancashire County Council said: “The repeated and widespread flooding around Town Green is a long-running problem which has affected many people and properties over the years.

“Investigations have been carried out into the flooding, by both West Lancashire Borough Council and the county council, supported by local landowners.

“Recently drainage works to further alleviate the problem at Town Green Primary School have been identified, and the timing of this work is now being finalised.”

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