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Police re-issue swim warning after removing youths from quarry site

Police re-issue swim warning after removing youths from quarry site

by Henry James (July 2021)

POLICE have urged people to stay away from the dangerous East Quarry in Appley Bridge after they had to remove a large group of youths who were swimming at the location.

They also put a dispersal order in place at the venue from Saturday, July 17 at 10am until 11pm on Sunday, July 18. This gives the police extra powers to break up groups of two or more people, where they believe their behaviour is causing a nuisance.

Sgt Darren Carr from Lancashire Police said: “The number of people visiting the quarry to swim is increasing year on year and it’s taking up a lot of resources and joint agency working to try and stop that and avoid any more fatalities.

“The quarry is private property and the safety factors far outweigh the fun factors. We’d urge people to stay away and keep themselves safe.”

Police said the youths who were swimming in the quarry on July 17 were spoken to and removed from the area.

Beckie  Ramsey who lost her son, Dylan, after he died swimming at Chorley’s Hilltop Quarry, visited East Quarry on Thursday, July 15 to warn people of the dangers of quarries.

She said: “My son was 13 years old when he swam in a quarry like this. Sadly he did not make it home.

The cold water overcame his body and sent him into shock. He was only under water for three minutes.

Please understand the risks and dangers of coming to beautiful places like this. They might be beautiful but they are deadly.”

This week crowds of youths have been visiting East Quarry by train and car from all over the North West. Maybrook, who own the site, already have a licence to start draining the quarry (initially for a 12 week period) which should remove around 70% of the water.

As soon as the access ramp is in place they can start draining.

An application for a new access ramp into the quarry, which is required for health and safety reasons is to be heard at Lancashire County Council today (July 21).

As the water level drops, the emergency services will require the new ramp in order to access the water in the event of an emergency.

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