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MP hits out at lack of funds for areas hit by flooding

MP hits out at lack of funds for areas hit by flooding

by Tom Martin (July 2021)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson has criticised the government for failing to provide the necessary funding for flood prevention for Maghull.

The government and Environment Agency said   £42.8m was to be  invested in schemes in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire in 2020/21 as part of £860m national investment.

But Maghull, which was saved from flooding only by a fortuitous breach of the embankment at Lunt Meadows during Storm Christoph in January, has been left off the list.

Mr Esterson said: “When I met with the floods minister recently I told her that Maghull needs this investment, so it is disappointing to see that £860m will be spent on flood defences this year and next, but nothing for Maghull.

"The Environment Agency has identified the work that needs doing to build the flood defences that Maghull deserves.  The work that is needed to Dovers Brook would cost £1.7m. So where is the money for Maghull?

"After cancelling my meeting three times, the government’s Floods Minister Rebecca Pow MP finally met with me recently to hear why flood defences are so urgently needed. I requested that the funding be made available, but she refused to commit to what is needed to help protect Maghull residents from flooding.

“I saw for myself on the night of Storm Christoph how close Maghull came to a catastrophic flood. I have met with residents whose homes are worthless because of the flood risk and they live in fear every time it rains. 

“The Environment Secretary George Eustice says the government is  standing by communities in bolstering defences against flooding across England, but the people of Maghull are not getting the protection they need.

“I will not stop until the government's words are backed up by actions to protect everyone in my constituency from having their lives upended by a flood."

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