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Mum of injured youngster joins calls for action to be taken against yob motorcycle riders

Mum of injured youngster joins calls for action to be taken against yob motorcycle riders

by Henry James (August 2021)

THE mum of a 10-year-old boy who was left with a laceration across his face after being knocked over by a motorcyclist on a footpath in Skelmersdale, is calling for ‘nuisance bikers’ to be taken off the streets ‘before someone is seriously injured or killed’.

Nicola Simpson said her son, Logan, had been walking on the footpath by Banksbarn Park on Monday, August 9 between 6pm and 6.30pm when the incident happened.

The youngster was left with the large gash to his face from underneath his eye to his neck, and he was also badly shaken by the incident.

Nicola commented: “My son was hit by a black motorbike, which was being ridden by a youth, aged about 18, and wearing a black hoodie. The handlebars of the bike knocked my son over. The rider didn’t even stop after the incident.

“He was left shocked and shaken. Logan was lucky to just come off with marks to his face, but it could have been much worse. If a baby had been hit by a motorbike, they could have been killed.

“Nuisance motorbikers are always riding round this area and the issue seems to be getting worse. Will someone have to be killed before anything gets done?

“These bikers need to be stopped and something needs to be done.”

MP Rosie Cooper, who has campaigned against the use of such bikes, commented: “It is simply unacceptable that children and adults alike should be frightened to use public footpaths because young people on motorbikes think they have the right to use them illegally!

“Skelmersdale residents and I have been reporting these issues to the police and council for many years. In a recent meeting with the local chief inspector, he told me that police have been active in targeting this problem. While they have had some success, this awful incident is evidence that more needs to be done urgently!

“Constituents have even reported that the Council have installed bollards attempting to prevent this type of use of the footpaths. Unfortunately, the bollards are easily wide enough for motorbikes to pass through so have very little effect!

“If we allow this anti-social behaviour to continue it is inevitable that more people will be seriously hurt. Previous attempts have had limited success, so Lancashire Constabulary, LCC and WLBC need to work together to find ways to permanently tackle this problem.”

Lancashire Police said they are investigating the incident. Anyone who may be able to assist with the investigation, or report bikers riding illegally, is asked to contact police on 101.

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