Bouncers has been brought 'right up to date and is well worth a visit'

Bouncers has been brought 'right up to date and is well worth a visit'

by Peter Rimmer (August 2021)


Royal Court, Liverpool.

TO bring this play up to date I guess it should be called ‘Door Supervisors’ as that is what they are called these days.

The job of course remains the same, keeping order in what must be one of the most stressful jobs around, with late nights and very early mornings outside licenced premises.

As one of the most performed plays of the past 30 years, Bouncers has now been brought right up to date. This production is set in Merseyside with the action focusing on the exploits of the doormen and their customers.

Those bouncers are Les, Judd, Ralph and Lucky Eric who all wear the same outfits, a black suit with satin revers, straight legged black trousers, a white shirt with a black satin bow tie, and shiny black shoes and of course they now need an identity badge. Gone are the days of black suits and no training. These guys are fit and the action is never less than lively with dancing, slapstick comedy and some great singing. It’s now a comedy drama musical with a great soundtrack put together by sound designer Kate Harvey.

This is a radical rewrite of John Godber’s 1977 play and has been brought bang up to date by Maurice Bessman and direction by Miriam Mussa and its all the better for it. The plot covers plenty of new ground with up to date references on the way clubs are run these days, but it’s the same old story. It maybe a little less romantic and there is even more drink, Jägerbombs and cocktails seem popular these days. The Bouncers have seen it all and this is a great new way of telling us about it.

Well-known local broadcaster, Shawn John (DJ Spycatcher), is on stage while the audience arrive and during the interval giving us a real sense of being part of the action. Actors Mutty Burman, Michael Horsley, Zain Salim and Joe Speare play out all the roles, everything from the Hooray Henry guys to the girls out for a fun night and a bit of sex.

We had a fun night, and Bouncers is well worth a visit. It runs until September 11.


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