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Charity opens unique ‘community membership store’ for low cost goods

Charity opens unique ‘community membership store’ for low cost goods

by Tom Martin (August 2021)

A UNIQUE ‘community store’ has opened in south Sefton to give customers a chance to shop at low costs.

The Indy Pantry, on Balliol Road, is run by a local charity and described as a “community membership scheme”, with locals invited to become members by paying £1.

This then allows them to shop in the store and get ten items for £3.50, or 15 items for £5, which is renewed every week.

It is run by long-established Bootle charity, the Independence Initiative and opened for the first time on Thursday, September 2.

Organiser Jim Brett told the Champion: “This is a community membership scheme that will allow people to get great value for money on a weekly shop for food and goods.

“The Pantry is open to everyone in our  community and will offer fresh and packaged  food, toiletries, cleaning products and  other essentials.

“The Pantry is a ‘not-for-profit’ scheme, with every penny being reinvested in future food and produce.

“We will be offering free advice and support for anyone interested in preparing healthy and tasty meals on a budget, with recipes available every week.

“If you want to become a member, please pop into our premises in Bootle, or ring us on 0151 345 6639.”

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