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Church members want to create new community garden

Church members want to create new community garden

by Tom Martin (August 2021)

MEMBERS of Moor Lane Methodist Church in Crosby want to create a new community garden within their grounds – but they need help!

The group is appealing to locals who want to help their ambition of creating a ‘beautiful and tasteful’ garden to be enjoyed by the local community.

An event will be held this Saturday (September 4) from 2-4pm when people are invited to enjoy some afternoon tea and share their ideas for the new garden.

A spokesperson said: “The 18 months of lockdown eventually worked its evil magic on Moor Lane Methodist Church garden, which despite earlier best efforts, ended up more like a wildflower wasteland instead of the well-trimmed front lawn!

“Our project, to create a community garden, is now being driven by a desire to reach out to our community. Groups of people who are at a loose end and are looking for new interests.

“There may be gardeners who have lost work or potential gardeners who need to be taught. They may be people who always wanted an allotment but are still on a waiting list.

“We have a core team of volunteers including two interns who are coming for a year of experience in ‘project management’.

“All we need now are people, like you, to do the planning, the digging, the planting, the weeding, the harvesting and sharing their expertise. Does the idea appeal to you?

“Come along and bring your curiosity, your ideas, your enthusiasm, your expertise, or your willingness to learn. All are welcome.”


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