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‘Creative advisors’ needed for key role in Lancashire 2025 bid

‘Creative advisors’ needed for key role in Lancashire 2025 bid

by Henry James (August 2021)

THE team behind the Lancashire 2025 bid is now looking to recruit a panel of professional artistic and creative advisors from the cultural sector, to play an important role in the development of the county’s aim of becoming UK City of Culture 2025.

Eight culture sector experts are needed who have experience in curating arts and cultures, programming for culture led regeneration and/or programming for major events with expertise and/or an interest in four discreet topics for cultural regeneration: of Digital, Nature, Connection and Living.

Applications are needed for these roles required by Friday, September 3.

The group will shortlist proposals that have been submitted to Lancashire 2025 through an open call for programme ideas.

They will apply their imagination and knowledge in curation, cultural regeneration and delivery of successful public events, to the selection process aimed at the creation of a winning bid programme for Lancashire.

Debbi Lander, bid director of Lancashire 2025 said: “The success of the bid will be in large part due to the quality, ambition, appeal and deliverability of our programme - all aspects considered by curators, programmers and directors in cultural organisations and settings every day.

“To ensure the success of our bid and the transparency of the selection process we are now looking for experts inspired by our ambition to craft a new and inclusive identity as the Virtual City of Lancashire in which achievements and challenges offer tangible opportunities to re-imagine the emerging cities of the future, and re-invigorate the role that culture-led regeneration can play in realising this vision for regions throughout the UK and beyond.

“We believe their combined experience and expert eyes, cast across a wide range of new ideas for a programme developed on the theme of The Way We Live, with four discreet topics to inspire cultural regeneration through new ideas to deliver a step-change in: Living, Connection, Nature and Digital, will take us one step closer to winning UK City of Culture for Lancashire.”

The successful candidates will be remunerated for their time, and meetings and discussions will be conducted online, opening the opportunity to individuals anywhere in the country. Application deadline is Friday, September 3. Candidates must be available for the shortlisting period September 24 to October 8.

For more information go to http://www.lancashire2025.com/

For the latest news and information follow Lancashire2025 on twitter @Lancashire2025

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