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Hairdressers nominated in England’s Business Awards

Hairdressers nominated in England’s Business Awards

by Henry James (August 2021)

A HAIRDRESSERS which was set up by a Melling woman who died during the third lockdown has been nominated in the England’s Business Awards.

Cathy Booth had a hairdressers in Garston for 51 years, called Cathys of Garston, firstly in Lincoln Street, then on St Mary’s Road.

She died in February of this year from a heart condition.

Following Cathy’s death her family decided to keep the business going. Her daughter, Jane Booth commented: “We re-opened on April 12 with the tag line Hairs to Cathy. We re-opened to a line of customers queuing and it hasn’t stopped since.

“It was naturally very upsetting to open without her but if gave family, staff and customers alike a space to cry, laugh, share memories of Cathy and to carry on with their weekly routine in the salon which is more like a community hub.

“Since we reopened, we have received the award nomination, which we are so humbled by and so proud to have as its all based on my mum’s legacy and lifetime of hard work. Just being nominated this year of all years is so poignant and fitting.”

Also since the reopening Jane’s dad, Bill Booth, has been keen to start a foundation in Cathy’s name. Jane added: “As a family we discussed all the things that we felt had given my mum an edge and helped her to shine for so long in an industry that is competitive and hard work.

“So we came up with an annual award that encourages those hairdressing trainees who show the qualities that my mum had, in the hope that those qualities and their talent as well as the annual recognition will help them stand out and shine in their future careers too.

“We have collaborated with Liverpool City College and my mums primary and secondary schools and will launch the foundation award this September and award the winners their trophy, certificate, prize fund and supplier vouchers (or school equipment vouchers) each June.”

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