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MP slams Covid pass technical ‘blunders’ as helpline is set up

MP slams Covid pass technical ‘blunders’ as helpline is set up

by Tom Martin (September 2021)

A TECHNICAL error with the transfer of vaccine data has left many people across the country without a ‘Covid vaccine passport’, despite being fully vaccinated.

West Lancashire MP and Commons Health Select Committee Member Rosie Cooper has called for an urgent resolution to the issue, which could leave some unable to travel, attend sporting events or get into nightclubs.

NHS England have had to set up the ‘Vaccination Data Resolution Service’ to handle the large number of errors that have been made.

Up to 700,000 vaccine passports are affected, with  thousands of jab records containing errors, leaving some double-jabbed people without the proof they need to travel.

Many people who have had both doses of their Covid-19 vaccine are thought to be facing problems due to vaccinators failing to record the information properly.

The government intends to press ahead with plans to introduce Covid Passports from the end of this month.

Proof of vaccination can be accessed through the NHS app, but the mistakes have led to people being denied holidays and trips to visit family, with the NHS app used to avoid mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated Britons.

Ms Cooper said: “Yet another NHS data blunder causing mayhem!

“One of my fully vaccinated constituents alerted me to this problem. The app was displaying incorrect vaccine data and so her Covid passport was ‘invalid’!

“Her upcoming holiday was at risk and yet no one seemed able to fix the problem! Locally, my constituent’s GP surgery did what they could, but the error was not theirs to fix and the NHS was slow to react.

“Both the NHS and Department of Health seem to be trying to sweep this problem under the carpet or just blame it on each other!

“I have made a Freedom of Information request for the details behind this error and the number of people affected! The government needs to own up to its mistakes and put them right, not hide and hope that it goes away!”

An NHS spokesperson said: “A vaccine resolution service is being set up by NHS Digital to support any patient living in England, which will address issues around vaccination records for those who have been vaccinated and queries around this being displayed on the Covid App.”

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